Blakely Clothing

Platform migration to solve costly development delays

Project Overview

Ambitious fashion brand Blakely came to us with big ideas and challenging goals. They needed a partner who could not only help them realise these, but push them even further. So they chose Quickfire.

Initial discovery discussions created the foundations for success, and we were able to map out the beginnings of a long-term strategy to exceed Blakely’s expectations. 

What Quickfire did

To begin with, Blakely needed a new platform solution. They were stuck on a custom platform which resulted in long waits for development improvements and fixes, and limited functionality was costing them revenue.

So we tackled their biggest pain point first and migrated them to Shopify Plus. Thanks to our experience with Shopify, we knew that the platform would provide what Blakely needed in the short-term, while also being the perfect solution for long-term scalability.

Following a successful migration, and aligning with Blakely’s ambitions, the next phase of work centred around internationalisation. We developed a plan which began with taking Blakely into EU countries, and recording and analysing the resulting data to refine plans for the next phase. 

Joining the Q-Commerce programme

We understand that working with our clients at a strategic level is hugely important. Rather than being a ‘do for us’ agency, we pride ourselves on being a ‘think with us’ one. Partnerships and collaboration bring continual success; proactivity spots and realises opportunities.

But strategy is nothing without the implementation of the day-to-day tactics which get the job done. And Blakely now benefits from our Q Commerce programme, which builds plans, measures effectiveness, and adjusts tactics as necessary.

Some of the work we’re collaborating on right now includes:

  • Exploring channel reliance and how we can spread risk while reducing cost per acquisition across the user journey
  • Exploring custom app development and e-commerce personalisation to create the feeling of a 1-2-1 experience vs a 1-2-many
  • Implementing methods to personalise discounting and rewarding without giving away unnecessary margin with blanket incentives
  • Utilising AR and VR to explore virtual fittings and smart mirrors in store
A strong partnership

And it’s working! 

Sometimes the plans need changing. Sometimes what we try doesn’t get the results we all want. Sometimes clients need us to adapt granular elements of our recommendations. That’s fine. It’s what strong partnerships are all about, and we’re proud to say that ours with Blakely goes from strength to strength.

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