Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

A new website structure and design, along with marketing automation and improved user experience have all contributed to a significantly improved digital presence.

Where they were

Following the rebrand of the popular family destination, the business wanted a new website to reflect the changes they had made. While a redesign was aesthetically required, there was a commercial need for the new site to maximise ticket sales through an improved user experience. Aligned to this was the desire to improve efficiency by streamlining how tickets bought through the third-party online ticketing system were integrated with internal systems.

What we did

The structure and design of the website were brought together via user-centred design methods to ensure the website looked great but also delivered an optimal customer experience. Signposting customers to the online booking process remained at the top of the priority list throughout the project and this was achieved through a simplified navigation and more prominence on individual pages. In order to realise the efficiency improvements required, we delivered a custom integration project, resulting in all bookings being stored in one place.

Where they are now

The new website structure and design has resulted in a much-improved user experience, whilst marketing automation across different channels has significantly increased their digital presence.

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