Coral Eyewear

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What was the need?

Coral Eyewear is a fantastic new brand designing beautiful, modern glasses made from recycled plastic and fishing nets abandoned in the sea.

While sustainability is a core component of the company, the aesthetics, performance and comfort of its products needed to take centre stage on a high-quality, visually-striking website. Selling online directly to consumers, the site also required robust e-commerce functionality.

The nature of the business means that the site needed to be able to handle the prescription process and there were a number of complexities to overcome with this. An off-the-shelf solution didn’t cut the mustard so bespoke development was required.

The site had to comply with specific lens legislation and, once through the prescription journey, there was also the requirement for strong visual cues to provide customers with easy-to-understand frame options.

What Quickfire did

Coral Eyewear had made a start on an in-house web build using Woocommerce but it soon became apparent that they needed a development partner to help realise their vision.

We agreed on using Shopify to take advantage of its powerful e-commerce functionality as well as giving us the flexibility to make the required bespoke upgrades. By using Shopify we were able to tailor every single aspect for the client and make the website come to life.

We implemented drop-downs and a grid system to ensure the site can handle prescriptions and that the journey is as simple as possible for customers.

Frame options have been dealt with using a gold, silver and bronze rating – this is instantly understandable and recognisable.

Where they are now

Coral Eyewear founder George Bailey has the ambition of taking sustainability into the world of fashion and, in doing so, reaching a wider audience.

Our bespoke website build is a major step along this journey and George has been delighted with the partnership with us so far.

He said: “Quickfire have been really great in everything they’ve done for us and they’ve been super easy to deal with.

“Communication is clear, we get a quick response, we jump on Zoom calls and it’s nice knowing all of the people involved in our project and that they’re happy to speak to us any time of day.”

So the online journey begins for Coral Eyewear and the partnership with Quickfire continues. Next up for the site is a cool piece of technology which will allow customers to virtually try on glasses and move their heads to get a complete view of how they look.

Watch out for this stunning new brand – there’s a lot more to come.

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