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Why content is King in ecommerce

If you have an ecommerce business or you are someone who looks after digital marketing for ecommerce sites, you…

How to Protect Your Shopify Plus Website from Hackers: 7 Proven Methods to Guarantee No One Steals Your Website

If you own a Shopify store, then you should be considering how to protect your store from hackers and…

Top 10 ways to Increase eCommerce Sales for Autumn 2022

Every ecommerce store is constantly striving for growth, and competition is tough. Discover our top 10 tips to help…

How to grow your business with Shop Cash Rewards

Shopify has always been a great platform for ecommerce businesses, with many of its features aimed at helping merchants…

Create a Marketplace in Less than 8 Minutes with Shopify’s Marketplace Kit

Did you know that you can now use the Shopify Marketplace Kit to build a marketplace in fewer than…

Salesforce vs Shopify Plus eCommerce Platform

Both the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Shopify Plus solutions have grown in the last few years. Both are viable…

Guest post: Chargeback and Fraud Prevention Guide for Shopify Plus Merchants

Here’s how Shopify Plus merchants can spot and tackle e-commerce fraud…

Tips for Building Better Customer Relationships

In an increasingly crowded ecommerce market, customer retention is becoming more vital than ever. Did you know that it…

How to convert shoppers with Shopify Audiences

Recently Shopify has released a major new feature exclusively for Shopify Plus Merchants – Shopify Audiences….

Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is a workflow automation tool available to merchants on the Advanced Plan. Do you want to stop…

Are You Selling With Shopify Or Shopify Plus? Here is How They Differ

Shopify is an ecommerce platform used by millions of businesses to build online stores around the world. It’s a…

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Shopify Audiences

Shopify has released a major feature exclusively for Shopify Plus merchants called Shopify Audiences. The launch of this latest…

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