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What they needed

As with so many businesses during the pandemic of 2020/21, Mediworld embarked on a rapid change in light of the evolving digital landscape and changes in customer behaviour.


Mediworld, which sells medical supplies, homecare products, mobility equipment and surgical instruments, saw a surge in online-shopping demand for their ranges, and recognised the need to significantly improve its website user experience.


After conducting an in-depth customer research project, the next stage was to build a “powerful, resourceful e-commerce store and brand that would connect with our growing audience”, says Mediworld CEO Hamid Khan.


So the company set about looking for an agency to develop a new e-commerce site, with the priorities being:

  • Businesses and individuals who could easily navigate the website to find the most suitable product for them
  • To provide in-depth information and detail on product and collection pages
  • To modernise the look, feel and functionality of the site.
  • Ensure great usability across different devices
  • Tell the company’s 50 year story.
What we did

Mediworld came to us having made the decision to use Shopify for the new store – naturally, this was music to our ears.


Impressed by our detailed knowledge and experience of the platform, they agreed to an in-depth discovery session where we truly got under the skin of what the business wanted to achieve.


This convinced them further that Quickfire was the right agency for them, and it was then onto the project itself.


Hamid says: “Quickfire’s immediate strength was their intense and layered understanding of Shopify. To have such a breadth of knowledge about the platform, and to showcase their prior work to us was a strong indicator that they were well equipped to take on our project. 


“A discovery session with Quickfire before the design and development process began was confirmation they were the team to take us forward. They took the time to learn about Mediworld in depth, our product range, our story, and how this would impact the final product.” 


One of the primary goals of the new website was making it as informative as possible in order to cater for what customers were asking for. Mediworld had created in-depth content resources and these needed to be accessed simply.


A particularly exciting feature is the new buying guides, which support users unsure of what to buy, and leads them to a product which is tailored specifically for them.


Categorisation formed new collections, with FAQs and pieces of content to showcase products better than what had been done previously.


The ambition was to create an e-commerce site in the medical space that was different to all others. Mediworld sees their site as more than just an online store – it’s a place for people to learn and to join a community. This was incredibly important to the business.


Hamid adds: “The exciting aspect of our partnership was the long-term growth they could see from taking us on.”

What was the result

After just one month, conversion rate had increased from 2.17% to 2.79% while other results are also encouraging: 

  • Total sales – increased by 87%
  • Total orders – increased by 16% 
  • Average order value – increased by 65%


The future is exciting.

What Mediworld said

Hamid says: “Quickfire’s attention to detail throughout the process was admirable, and despite the size of the website this did not falter.


The team at Quickfire are also incredibly supportive, and there were moments of going above and beyond to help.”

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