How to Make the Most of Amazon Prime Day for Ecommerce Businesses

Despite its name, Amazon Prime day actually spans a full 48 hours starting on the 12th of July, with early deals for Prime members starting from June 21st. The massive 2-day sale looks set to be even bigger and better than ever in 2022 and even though the Amazon heavyweights will of course be involved, Amazon is touting this year’s event as supporting small businesses.

Under what it’s calling a “Win Big by Supporting Small” initiative, shoppers who buy eligible small business products from June 21 until Prime day will be in with a chance to win prizes such as tickets to Super Bowl LVI. Amazon will also be debuting a Small Business Badge that will let Prime members identify products from small businesses and brands.

With small businesses going against those with huge budgets, the question is, how do you ready your ecommerce business to compete?

How valuable is Prime Day for Ecommerce businesses?

The value of Prime Day to retailers, both small and large, is undisputed, as millions of shoppers visit the site in search of once-a-year deals. In 2021, consumers purchased $11.2 billion worth of goods on Amazon Prime Day. That’s up 7.7% from $10.4 billion in 2020, according to Digital Commerce 360.

Prime Day features deals on many products on It began in 2015 as a celebration of Amazon’s 20th year in business and, due to its success, turned into an annual summer sale created to drum up additional business for Amazon and its marketplace sellers. In recent years, other online retailers have taken advantage of huge increases in internet shoppers during this time.

How to prepare for Prime Day

Amazon Prime has over 150 million paid subscribers and 300 million active customer accounts. Guaranteeing a successful Prime Day 2022 means readying everything from enticing promotions to reliable fulfilment. To successfully prepare for Prime Day, you’ll need to focus on three main areas: Marketing, managing sales and fulfilment and customer experience.

Marketing for Prime Day

Create a robust marketing strategy in advance. Prime members will get early access to some of the Prime Day deals ahead of the rest of the consumers from June 21, so it’s important to get ahead of the competition.

Prime Day offers two of the most powerful tools for marketers – Promotions and Amazon Advertising PPC. Adjust your advertising campaigns to be sure that both strategies complement each other in a two-pronged approach to maximise sales, increase new customers, promote brand visibility and encourage returning customers.

Amazon itself goes beyond its usual marketing techniques during the event, such as live shopping with celebrities fronting these events across various platforms such as its website, shopping app and Fire TV. Start testing new strategies early with smaller campaigns if you’re unsure how they work.

Increasing sales during Prime Day

Whether on Amazon as a seller or on your own website, your product titles should clearly state what you’re selling so that search bots can bring up your listing as a relevant result. Keep titles straight to the point e.g. Ferguson F4020FR 40-inch Smart Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote and Freeview Play, Access Prime TV, Netflix, Disney + Apple TV, HD Ready 2021 Model rather than something along the lines of great quality TV which tells search bots nothing about the products you’re selling. You have 200 characters to use in your title. Make the most of them.

Make sure your product’s main features are bullet-pointed for clarity and quick reading. Remember, consumers are looking to snap up the best deals quickly and won’t want to spend hours trailing product descriptions to find the information they need.

For product descriptions, put together a concise, honest and search engine optimised overview of your product’s uses and overall brand. This is the opportunity to further engage your customer and should go beyond repeating your bullet points.

Make sure visuals stand out. Keep images on brand and updated and make sure they’re visually appealing.

Add detailed product attributes in seller central, and search terms synonymous with reach Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). This helps Amazon help you.

Compare your product listings with others to be sure yours stands out. Never aim to copy a listing, always make yours unique and strive to create a better listing than competitors.

Check your prices against others and adjust accordingly to help you boost sales and compete with other listings. Keep in mind your profit margins, however, and consider keeping your prices at a decent margin so that you don’t end up out of pocket.

Managing customer service during Prime Day

With the sudden increase in sales, you could find yourself unable to deliver the same level of customer service that you would usually provide, which spells bad news for returning customers, especially if you’re using Prime Day as a loss leader. Now more than ever, you’ll want to provide the very best customer service

Make sure you can manage your fulfilment and in good time. Test delivery times and how packages look when they arrive. If you encounter any issues, now is the time to find ways to correct them.

If you use a fulfilment service such as Amazon’s own, make sure your inventory is with them in good time. Remember, many other e-commerce businesses are doing exactly the same as you, and you don’t want to be lost in the hustle and bustle.

Communicate with your team. Make sure everyone is singing from the same sheet and knows exactly what their job roles are during the event. Try to stick to their usual role or at least play to their strengths. A reward such as a staff day out or drinks after work always goes a long way to boost morale and thank your team after an extra busy period.

If all this seems a little daunting, don’t worry, we can help. If you’re looking for an easy to manage online shop, contact us. Either give us a call on 01603 298200 or get in touch via our website to discover how Quickfire Digital can help your ecommerce business.

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