Video: SEO for e-commerce – product pages

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Sales drive business, products drive sales and SEO drives product discovery.

It means that getting product pages ranking in SERPs is a surefire way to attract traffic which – as long as your conversion journey is sound – will lead to sales.

But how do you approach optimising your product pages, what are the common mistakes made by brands and where are the unknown opportunities?

For answers to these questions – plus a whole load more – we again enlisted the help of Mark Williams-Cook, co-founder of Candour and creator of

Have a watch of the video below to find out:

  • Why categorisation causes common problems for e-commerce sites and how to avoid showing the same product across two different URLs
  • Why schema should be your secret sauce and how to get the most out of product and FAQ-specific schema
  • Why deleting discontinued products might seem logical but is something you definitely should NOT do
  • Why punchy product descriptions and short product pages fail to cut the SEO mustard
  • The importance of product videos and what to do with them.


Want to get your product pages into the best shape possible for search? Then look no further – your search has ended.

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