Video: When, why and how to move to Shopify Plus – with Shopify

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As e-commerce businesses scale, new challenges come thick and fast.

Your internal team requires specific skill sets, logistics and fulfilment needs grow and web platforms can struggle to cope with the waves of new customers while also becoming hard to manage, update and change.

But not if you’re on Shopify.

It’s the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce platform and once you’re on it, there’s every chance that you won’t even think about leaving.

Video: When, why and how to move to Shopify Plus - with Shopify

And when it comes to scale, Shopify is the perfect solution. Its basic and standard options suit smaller companies, Advanced is for those growing while Shopify Plus is the gold level.

As businesses reach a certain turnover – £1m is a good ballpark number – and their set of requirements becomes bigger and broader, Shopify Plus comes into its own.

Some of the main benefits of Plus:

  • Enhanced customisation of your store, including the ability to design your own checkout page
  • Automate customer and operational workflows which would otherwise require human intervention
  • Increased number of API calls for better and quicker integrations
  • More store fronts for new global markets
  • Access to a team of e-commerce specialists, including those to help launch your new Plus store and teams to help get the best from it
  • No need to worry about staying on top of security and compliance – Shopify sorts all of that for you
  • Point-of-sale system included.

In our latest video, Shopify Plus solutions engineer Tim Sumner provided the inside track on what merchants can expect when levelling up to Shopify.

He also gave the lowdown on a couple of secret upgrades coming to Shopify in the near future.

He was joined by our very own co-founder Nathan Lomax, founder of paid media specialists Launch Online Jaye Cowle, and co-founder of e-commerce marketing, creative and strategic agency The Armoury, James Davey.

Watch the video to learn why, when and how to move up to Shopify Plus.

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