Engage with E-commerce: Webinar series

Imagine the “Ant and Dec” of E-com. This is what we are trying to re-create. Nathan Lomax (Quickifre Digital) and Heloise Finch-Boyer (Sell Beyond) have broken down our series into 3 core pillars;

– E-commerce Principles

– Latest Insight from Leading E-Com Partners

– Founder Stories

Episode 1: Five things you need to improve your product page

First impressions count. Time is short. Product pages are your e-commerce shopfront, but are yours working hard enough? Do they hook in your customers and get sales? Really, ALL of them?

In this webinar Nathan and Heloise show you the 5 pro tips to re-work your product pages and get results on Amazon and your own website.

Episode 2: Diversify and Adapt; grow your online revenue

Many businesses have struggled during the Coronavirus crisis. At FSB, we want to support businesses facing challenges. This practical advice session will demonstrate how to generate sales online to help you to adapt and diversify at this time.

This is an interactive session with Q&A to enable businesses to get specifically tailored advice and practical support. E-commerce is now more important than ever. You CAN still reach your customers across the world in this crisis. Learn how to make the best out of Amazon and WordPress/Shopify to keep customers and grow your sales with Heloise Finch (Sell Beyond) and Nathan Lomax (Quickfire Digital).

Episode 3: KISS – Tell people about what you’re selling online!

You know that saying ‘Why are things always in the last place you look for them?’ Because, my friend, after you’ve found them, you stop looking! When you’re selling online there is endless shelf space – but it means short attention spans & countless competitors.

Do YOUR products stand out from the crowd on Amazon and online?

Let Nathan Lomax from Quickfire Digital and Heloise Finch from Sell Beyond take you through the jungle of market segmentation, variations, sizing, tags and parent listings, so that you can solve your customers’ problems and give them that sense of relief that they’ve finally found what they’re looking for. It’s easy when you know how!

Episode 4: Founder Stories – Frankie Thorogood – TCA.FIT

At only 30, Frankie Thorogood is CEO of the technical sportswear brand TCA, which turns over millions of pounds, serves over 250,000 customers each year and has a loyal fanbase of both amateur and professional athletes.

Learn how understanding retail marketing enabled Frankie to take TCA.fit to the next level on Amazon.co.uk. Frankie, who graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Marketing, founded his brand in Hackney, East London, in 2012 when he was just 22.

Episode 5: Keep your customers coming back & become raving fans

Are you spending too much money on ads? Why not turn your customers into raving fans, and get them to do the selling for you?

In this webinar, Nathan and Heloise explain the 3 steps that will get your customers working for YOU. We’ll show you how to keep customers loyal on Amazon and online platforms and we’ll take you through the digital tools you need to make your customers come back for more.

Episode 6: STOP panicking and START GROWING – test & measure your marketing

AYou’re selling products online. You want to see sales go up rather than down. Right? Of course you do. But are you running away from your marketing data?

If NO-ONE in your team is analysing the trends that drive your business towards success or failure, you risk missing out on opportunities or – worse – making the same mistakes over and over again.

In this webinar, Nathan and Heloise teach you the 5 key numbers that help you get to the bottom of what makes your customers tick online and on Amazon.

Episode 7: You can’t manage what you can’t measure! With Infinity.co

What makes your phone ring? Track your calls like you track your ad spend.

If your business drives sales via the phone, you need to know what’s making it ring. You’ve got google analytics, you’re tracking email clicks. But do you know what is happening on calls? And did you know that tracking this can reduce your PPC ad spend? Find out how you can become smarter with your tracking to really understand where to best spend your money.

Working with some of the UK’s leading brands including the telegraph, British Gas and Royal Mail Engage with E-Commerce is joined by Andy Vale and Chris Ward from Infinity, a tech-based call intelligence platform that specialises in unlocking clarity from your conversions, by tracking precisely which channels are responsible for calls, as well as the keywords, sources, and web pages that played a role.

Episode 8: Know your audience and get them to your website with Rebecca Johns

You know your customers. You know your products. But without a clear process for understanding WHO your customers are WHAT they want and WHERE they hang out, you’ll never get all your potential customers to your website.

Join Nathan, Heloise and Rebeca as we walk you through how to get your products in front of the right people.

Episode 9: Shopify and Amazon E-commerce tools that you can’t do without

What tools do you need to help manage your e-commerce, and how well do they REALLY work?

In this webinar, Nathan and Heloise go head to head with the top 5 tools to help you unlock the hidden potential of Amazon and Shopify, with stats on how they have worked in real life case studies.

Episode 10: What skills does your e-commerce team need post-Lockdown?

What skills do your team need to help your company grow to e-commerce and how can you support them?

In this webinar, Heloise and Nathan look at what type of leadership is needed to grow an e-commerce offering, and how inhouse teams can be supported in their digital marketing training, and also learn how to effectively manage agency partnerships.

Episode 11: The 80:20 rule and how it applies to e-commerce?

The 80/20 Principle is the counter-intuitive yet prevalent fact that 80% of results flow from 20% of causes. Simply by concentrating on the all-important 20% we can achieve much more with much less effort, time and resources.

Usually applied to the workplace or behaviour, Nathan and Heloise walk you through how this all-important concept applies to running your e-commerce strategy and getting the best results from Amazon and Shopify by controlling events instead of being controlled by them, and with several times the results.

Episode 12: Why you need to start planning for more online sales

More than ever, retailers need to focus on online offers. The challenge is that many pure-play e-commerce companies are already dominating the market.

This webinar looks at how omni-channel retailers can up their online game to compete with pureplays and compete with the best of them

Episode 13: What Omnichannel retailers need & fast! with KPMG’s Paul Martin

Engage with E-Commerce is exited to be talking to Paul Martin from KPMG about how to focus on customer needs on your ecommerce channels.

Paul is an established thought leader in the global retail and consumer sector having worked with many of the world’s largest retail and consumer goods companies in over 60 markets

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