What Kind…? podcast series

We know you have a million questions about the future. We know that there are going to be some tough conversations to be had. We know, because these are the things we’re pondering over too.

What kind…? is a mini-series where Niamh Gallagher from QuickFire, Marie Oakes from The Trend Academy, and Lou Chiu from Lou Chiu Coaching and Consultancy will have a go at unpicking the big questions around changes to work and life, and practice some of those awkward conversations that we’re rehearsing in our heads out loud.

You can email us at [email protected] to let us know of any topics or questions you would like us to cover during this series!

Episode 1 – What kind of honesty works in the workplace?

How do you approach and start the conversation with your employers/managers and colleagues on how you feel about the transition back to work after lockdown. Especially as the last few months have given many of us time to reflect on what truly matters and to think about how to change and adapt the way we live and work.

So before these conversations can be started, what decisions do you need to make to be in a position to talk about your desires and feelings for the future?

When you know the direction you want to take as an individual how do you put a plan together to introduce the topic within your organisation or company? How do you approach your boss, who you know maybe struggling to save the business, but you want to negotiate new terms for working from home as you’re much more productive, and happier, this way. Or ask for that sabbatical that you have always wanted to do and now feels like the right time to take it.

So what kind of space needs to be created in an organisation or company to foster a culture and environment so both employer and employee can talk truthfully about the situation to come to a successful resolution for both parties. A environment where both needs and desires can be shared on how the crisis has impacted us all. What kind of awareness and understanding needs to in place to build empathy and support for each other right now.

If you are a boss or business owner, are you ready to have those conversations with your team? What kind of leadership is needed to help everyone feel connected, safe and valued whilst you are shouldering the emotions of your peers or team?

Episode 2 – What kind of things do you do to show your team that they are valued?

The global impact of, well, 2020 – means that some of the ways we would show or feel appreciation for our people have been removed or made far more difficult. Now we’re back in a recession, what can be done to maintain morale and confidence?

What kind of things do you do to show your team that they are valued? What incentives, rewards, policies or schemes do you think works or are just gimmicks? Or is it something else entirely. Why is it even important in times of uncertainty and global instability?

Episode 3 – What kind of change is good change?

There are seemingly two types of people right? People who love change and people who hate change; those who bring change and those who resist it. What about intentional change vs unintentional change? Is change that is within your control the only type of good change?

What kind of change is good change? What makes change good or bad? What influence do we have personally in times of change? What kind of leaders best navigate their teams during times of change?

Episode 4 – What kind of future does yours look like?

Hands up if you have felt helpless, fearful, or lost this year. It’s so much harder to think about the longer term future when we’re struggling with meeting our more basic needs: the ability to put food on the table or a roof over our heads; or how we sustain a business in this climate without putting employees’ wellbeing or livelihood at stake.

What kind of future does yours look like? What do you need to be able to start dreaming big again, regardless of your current situation? What resources do you need? How do you make sure you can stay motivated when things get tough?

Episode 5 – What kind of start to a career is this?

This episode is focussed for people who are starting a new career, whether that is their first, second or fifth. This journey is daunting at the best of times, but during a recession, a global pandemic, and civil and political unrest – it’s understandable if things feel helpless. If you’ve recently graduated, just finished college, or looking to start a new career or even your own business, you must have a whole host of questions.

What kind of start to a career is this? We’d love to hear from you so we can explore with you the types of conditions, aspirations and resources that can be helpful as you embark on this next stage. Both Marie and Lou work closely with students and graduates, like Niamh, as well as being business owners themselves.

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