Our Favourite Five Benefits of a Strong eCommerce Shipping Strategy

As an ecommerce business, being able to successfully ship items to customers is vital. People shop online for convenience and placing an order knowing it’s guaranteed to arrive in a timely manner is all part of that.

This is why having a solid ecommerce shipping strategy in place is key. When you have an effective ecommerce shipping strategy in place, you are able to provide a high-quality and reliable online shopping experience to customers old and new.

The Advantages of Having an Effective Shipping Strategy in Place

With so much riding on efficient and reliable deliveries, it’s not enough to have a standard shipping process and hope for the best. If you want to attract and keep customers, you must have a strong strategy. 


This doesn’t simply mean choosing a supplier that will handle your shipping for you, nor does it mean offering one or two shipping options to online shoppers. It means having a strategy that gets ecommerce orders from A to B with guaranteed precision, efficiency and reliability. 


Putting time and effort into getting an ecommerce shipping strategy right has its advantages. 

The top five benefits are;


  1. You Can Spend Time on Other Aspects of Running a Business – When you have a strong ecommerce shipping strategy in place, you have more time to spend on other aspects of running a business. Instead of having to keep on top of complex shipping processes and rectifying frequent mistakes, you can relax knowing that your strong ecommerce shipping strategy ensures everything goes according to plan.


  1. It’s a Cost-Effective Shipping Solution – Operating an ecommerce business has a lot of costs, many of which are overheads that cannot be ignored. For example, storing and shipping products comes at a price, but it’s impossible to remove the cost of these tasks completely. However, having a strong ecommerce shipping strategy can be a more affordable solution. Regardless of the ins and outs of your specific shipping strategy, having a reliable and efficient process in place can help to cut costs. 


  1. It Can Increase Successful Leads and Conversions Online – With so many competing businesses out there, it’s important to stand out as being a retailer that is simple and straightforward to shop with. A strong ecommerce shipping strategy shows customers that you take the safe delivery of their items seriously, which could be all it takes to convert an ‘on the fence’ lead into a sale. If customers find your shipping processes to be confusing to navigate, it’s likely that they will take their business elsewhere, boosting a competitor’s revenue rather than your own. 


  1. You Will Keep Customers Happy and Loyal to Your Business – There is no denying that first impressions count, and this is especially true in the world of ecommerce. Shipping is the first time a customer is likely to see your brand and your products in real life, so a flawless experience is vital. If a product arrives damaged or delayed, customers might think twice about shopping with you again. This also goes for poorly packaged orders and expensive shipping costs; both of these could result in a previously loyal customer going elsewhere.


  1. Customers Remain Up to Date Throughout – Shipping has come a long way in recent years, and customers have come to expect seamless service. The majority of online retailers now offer next-day delivery options, and customers are used to being kept up to date throughout the journey, knowing when an order has been dispatched, tracking its journey from your warehouse to them, and they know exactly when to expect the delivery. With a strong ecommerce shipping strategy, this is something that you can offer. Without one, customers could feel like your shipping strategy is lacking compared to other businesses.
How to Optimise Your eCommerce Shipping Strategy

Utilise Your Shipping Data 


One of the best resources you have for improving your shipping strategy is data from your past shipping efforts. You will be able to identify how much you spend on shipping, how you could save money and where mistakes are regularly made. If there is a problem that appears time and time again, data could highlight how to fix it. Using shipping data, you have the opportunity to streamline and improve your shipping strategy. 


Ensure Your Checkout Experience is Simple


Many people who shop online are doing so because it’s quick and convenient, so they don’t want to be held up by a complex checkout experience. A robust ecommerce shipping strategy should have a simple, easy-to-understand and enjoyable customer checkout experience. This includes highlighting all of your different shipping options and making it easy for customers to select the one that’s best for them.


Improve Your Packaging


When customers order a product online, they want to enjoy the experience of the item arriving and unboxing it. It’s the first moment they will connect with the product in person, which is why packaging is an important part of the shipping strategy. How an order is packaged is a key part of the ecommerce experience, almost as important as the checkout process. To improve this experience for your customers, make your packaging complement your brand.


Offer Multiple Shipping Options

Customers want the freedom and flexibility to choose a shipping process that works for them, which is why you should offer multiple options. Allowing customers to choose how their items are shipped and how long the shipping will take puts them in control, allowing them to tailor their shipping experience to their needs. If someone needs an item quickly, they can opt for next-day delivery.


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