Shopify Enters its Next Era of Growth: Introducing Commerce Components

With the announcement of their new Commerce Components, Shopify is doubling down on the enterprise market and offering even more to businesses. Shopify will be able to offer more customisable features, better scalable solutions and improved integration offerings to large businesses, even those with very specific requirements. 

This is big news for Shopify users, especially those previously held back by unique needs and requirements on the platform. The introduction of Commerce Components is a prime example of how Shopify is committed to providing end-to-end solutions for all businesses, large and small. It shows that Shopify is dedicated to building a platform that works for everyone. 


At Quickfire Digital, this is something that we are excited about. It will be interesting to see how far Shopify takes Commerce Components now that the capability is in place and how it will improve ecommerce experiences for businesses online. US brand Mattel has already signed up, and we can’t imagine it’ll be too long before others follow suit.

Shopify’s Commerce Components: Everything You Need to Know

Shopify is a unique ecommerce platform and has grown to become one of the world’s most powerful online retail infrastructures. Over the last two decades, Shopify has successfully developed this infrastructure to provide businesses worldwide with somewhere to sell their goods. This has involved building, scaling and optimising components along the way. In fact, 10% of US ecommerce is processed through Shopify, which has so far amounted to over half a trillion dollars. 


One of the reasons for Shopify’s popularity is the freedom it gives businesses to control their brand and data. A business can use Shopify as their base whilst providing customers with a personalised and unique shopping experience. Instead of being limited by Shopify components, brands can utilise various features in a way that works for them.


However, until now, Shopify has mainly been aimed at SMEs. With the introduction of Commerce Components by Shopify (CSS), everything is opening up to larger retailers and enterprises. It combines the key features of Shopify – such as the high-performing checkout system and the flawless shopping experience – with flexible APIs, which allow enterprises to build customer experiences that can be integrated with their preferred services. 


With flexible APIs and no rate limits, retailers can integrate their existing services with the Shopify platform. This will allow them to build flawless customer experiences for any device using modular components. Instead of Shopify being an ‘all or nothing’ platform, businesses can use the components they need and leave the ones they don’t. 


Shopify boasts one of the world’s best-converting checkouts, which retailers can access via CSS. This allows retailers to unlock a whole host of Shop Pay customers who might previously have been out of reach. CSS also gives businesses access to the world’s largest ecommerce system, which includes support and help. 


President of Shopify, Harley Finkelstein, explained: “We’ve always approached innovation at Shopify by anticipating what retailers need, then providing those solutions. Commerce Components by Shopify opens our infrastructure, so enterprise retailers don’t have to waste time, engineering power, and money building critical foundations Shopify has already perfected, and instead frees them up to customise, differentiate, and scale.”

Shopify is Overcoming eCommerce Enterprise Challenges

Currently, many enterprise retailers struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technological evolution and the constantly changing customer expectation. Customers are expecting more and more from retailers, and keeping up with this can be difficult, even for the largest ecommerce businesses. To compete, retailers need real-time innovation. This is where CSS comes in. It allows businesses to integrate and innovate without being restricted by the Shopify platform. Access to the trusted infrastructure is there but with fewer limitations and a quick turnaround. Keeping up with the wants and needs of customers is vital in such a competitive online market, and CSS can help to make that achievable. 


The US brand Mattel has become one of the first enterprise retailers to use CSS. The CTO of Mattel, Sven Gerjets, said: “Innovation is at the heart of Mattel. We first worked with Shopify on a project called Mattel Creations, a platform for creators to reimagine the most iconic toys in the world. Creations empowered Mattel to move quickly, meet our customers where they are, and, most importantly, leverage Shopify’s infrastructure to scale globally. It was hugely successful, and we’re excited to transform our brand offerings using Commerce Components.”


What Do We Think?

For us, the introduction of Commerce Components by Shopify sparks excitement. As a team that spends a lot of time utilising the Shopify platform, it’s exciting to see it evolving even further than it has previously. Though Shopify is undoubtedly one of the top ecommerce platforms out there – we might be slightly biased, but it’s something that a lot of experts agree on – there is room for improvement as far as enterprises and large businesses are concerned, but CSS is addressing that. 


As the digital world evolves and ecommerce becomes even more important, platforms such as Shopify must make components scalable and accessible to all. With the introduction of Commerce Components, it’s likely more businesses will be turning to Shopify for their ecommerce needs.


At Quickfire Digital, we understand the importance of having a reliable and trusted ecommerce platform to use as a business. For many brands – those large and small – Shopify has always been the platform of choice, and that’s likely to become even more so now that enterprises are being targeted. It’s no longer enough to have a basic ecommerce website, nor is a basic website enough to become successful online. Luckily, our experts are always on hand to help. Speak to Quickfire Digital today to find out more about our Shopify themes and websites.

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