Shopify Plus Offers Passwordless Login

Shopify is one of the world’s biggest ecommerce platforms, used by businesses of all sizes from around the globe. Its popularity grew after businesses realised how much Shopify offered to online retailers and their customers, which was boosted even further by the release of Shopify Plus.

To keep up with the developing ecommerce world, Shopify Plus is regularly adding features and providing more options to stores to ensure that businesses have a straightforward way to sell their goods online.

The latest update is that Shopify Plus stores can now easily implement passwordless login using Passkeys Support. It’s thought that this will help to reduce the drop rate many stores experience whilst increasing conversion using the OwnID plugin.

How Will Shopify Plus Passwordless Login Work?

OwnID is the no-code passwordless infrastructure for the digital world, and it will release Passkeys for all Shopify Plus stores. The plugin will allow users to register and log in with a single click without creating and remembering many different passwords. OwnID has recently announced that it will release a no-code WordPress plugin, so it makes sense that Shopify Plus will be next on the agenda. OwnID lets users use the technology at no additional cost, and it can be used for up to 10,000 logins per month. This is more than most ecommerce businesses need, so it will be a good match for many businesses that use Shopify Plus.


Passwordless login has been in the works for a while, with the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft teaming up to remove passwords for user authentication. They worked with the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium, and Apple implemented Passkey. Microsoft and Google announced similar steps forward. This has led to OwnID, which offers a fast and cheap way for a business to verify a customer’s identity online. The user benefits by having a personalised experience that is completely secure, and the business benefits by encouraging customers to stay on the website and shop. OwnID can be used by any application or website, making it a versatile solution to passwordless logins. OwnID can provide passwordless login solutions to website users regardless of the device or platform.

The Benefits of Having Shopify Plus Passwordless Login

There are several benefits that come with using passwordless login on Shopify Plus, such as those listed below. These benefits show how passwordless login can benefit a business, regardless of size or industry. 


  • By supporting Passkeys, Shopify Plus will give website owners a chance to improve their conversion rate by up to 20%. According to research on the use of OwnID, conversion rates are boosted using passwordless login, and drop-offs can be reduced by up to 35%. Passwordless logins make online shopping quicker, easier and more convenient for consumers. Instead of having to remember passwords, users can just log in and begin using the website. This reduces the chance of them taking their business elsewhere, potentially to a store with passwordless capabilities. Shopify Plus’ passwordless options could help many businesses boost their leads, sales and revenue online.


  • Implementing the Shopify Plus passwordless login is straightforward, and it’s not something that businesses should struggle with. This purposeful design aims to make passwordless logins achievable for large and small stores. Following four easy steps, store owners can enable multipass login and connect the Shopify plugin to OwnID using a simple API. It doesn’t require impressive digital knowledge or a specialist website development team, as OwnID can be connected to Shopify Plus in a matter of minutes.


  • Passwordless login provides a personalised shopping experience for consumers. They can visit a website and instantly begin shopping without worrying about remembering a password or logging in to make a purchase. By avoiding passwords, consumers are more likely to feel as though they are remembered and valued by a brand, which reduces the chances of them taking their business elsewhere. There are many retailers online, many of which are competing against each other for the same customers. A personalised experience can help a store stand out and make a statement.


  • Passwordless login can lead to improved cybersecurity, as there is no risk of data and identity theft via stolen passwords. A lot of theft online is caused by unauthorised access, but passwordless login reduces this considerably. There is no need for someone to verify their identity via a password, so a stolen password becomes less useful. 


  • Without passwords, businesses have less to manage from an administrative standpoint. Passwordless login doesn’t require password storage, forgotten passwords, stolen passwords and password regulations. It reduces the chance of someone being unable to log in because they have forgotten their password or a customer making a second account because they can’t log in. Instead, the login is completely handed over to the individual user, and the business doesn’t have to worry about managing and storing the information.
Shopify Plus Passwordless Login at Quickfire Digital

At Quickfire Digital, we have worked with a range of businesses over the years, helping them to solidify their presence as an ecommerce retailer. This has involved us working with Shopify and Shopify Plus and seeing first-hand how beneficial passwordless login can be to users. There is a lot of competition in the world of ecommerce, and it’s important to offer your customers everything they need to enjoy a seamless shopping journey. This includes making changes as new options become available, such as passwordless login with Passkeys Support. Though implementing this might seem complex, help is always available at Quickfire Digital. To find out more about Shopify Plus and passwordless login, get in touch with our helpful team.

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