Sustainable Branding: A Growing Trend

As is the case with all aspects of digital marketing, branding is constantly evolving. There is always a new branding style or technique to pay attention to. Recently, sustainable branding has emerged as one of the key trends, and it’s something that is shaping the way businesses market themselves online.

Whereas businesses used to be driven by boosting profits and securing a larger share of the market, they are now focusing on the bigger picture. 

A growing number of businesses – large and small, startups and established companies – are making decisions on the environment and are branding products and services with this in mind.

What is Sustainable Branding?

If you have ever used a business that highlights its commitment to being eco-friendly and ‘green’, you have seen examples of sustainable branding. Sustainable branding happens when a business incorporates its sustainability efforts and values into its marketing message, branding and advertising campaigns. This is most commonly done on company websites, in blog content, on social media and as part of email marketing campaigns. It’s a way for companies to show their green credentials to a wide and varied audience. When someone visits the website or Facebook page, they will instantly see how ‘green’ the company is.


By aligning a commitment to sustainability with brand image, companies can show consumers that they care about more than products, services and making a profit. There is a common misconception that all businesses are hyper-focused on making money, and though that is true to some extent, many are focused on the bigger picture. Sustainable branding conveys that a brand cares about the environment and that it’s actively taking steps to minimise the negative impact its business processes are having.

Why are Companies Focusing on Sustainable Branding?

There is always something happening in the world of branding, and at the moment everything is heavily focused on sustainability. Businesses worldwide are shouting about how ‘green’ and sustainable they are, and with good reason. Simply, it’s what consumers want to see. 


A growing number of businesses are embracing sustainability, and this is driven by a variety of factors. For some businesses, sustainability is a way to keep up with changing consumer demands. For others, it’s a way to have a competitive advantage. Some businesses are embracing sustainability to save money along the supply chain, whereas others are doing it to ensure business longevity. Despite the various reasons for focusing on sustainability, the majority of businesses are incorporating it into their branding.

The Benefits of Sustainable Branding

There are a whole host of advantages that come with sustainable branding, such as:


  • Competitive Advantage – With so many businesses out there, having a competitive advantage can be hugely beneficial, and sustainable branding does just that. When consumers have a lot of companies to choose from, there needs to be something that sets one business apart from the rest. Eco-conscious consumers are more likely to choose an eco-conscious business.


  • Attracting Talented Candidates – When someone is looking for a new role, they look for more than an attractive salary. For a lot of candidates, working for a company that shares similar values to them is key. With sustainable branding, it’s easier to attract and retain talented candidates passionate about the environment. It’s a way to broaden the talent pool by encouraging eco-friendly individuals to apply.


  • Consumer Demand – A growing number of consumers, especially younger ones, are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability. Consumers are starting to purposely seek out businesses that pay attention to how eco-friendly they are and how they could benefit the environment, society and the wider world. To keep up with this consumer demand, businesses are making sustainability a key part of branding and marketing. When consumer demand changes, businesses should change accordingly.


  • Effective Marketing – Showcasing a commitment to sustainability is an effective marketing tool. Highlighting eco-friendly initiatives can boost a business’s image, making it a more appealing choice for eco-conscious consumers. In a competitive industry, sustainability branding is a way for a business to stand out, highlighting the lengths the brand is willing to go for the environment.


  • Reputation Management – A lot of a business’s success relies on having a good reputation, and sustainable branding showcases a business positively. Embracing sustainability shows a business cares about more than just sales and revenue. Consumers are more likely to choose a business with a good reputation in the industry than a business that is seen negatively. 


  • Better Investor Relations – It’s hard to start and grow a successful business without funding; this means engaging and attracting investors. Investors tend to have a lot of investment opportunities to choose from, but many are becoming increasingly interested in using their capital beneficially. By highlighting its commitment to sustainability, a business could have a wider range of investors to choose from.


  • Transparency and Accountability – There is no denying that consumers look for transparent and honest businesses and brands that hold themselves accountable. People want to see that a business is open about its environmental practices, and sustainable branding is an effective way of sharing this information. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand that’s transparent about its ‘green’ initiatives. Sustainable branding shows that a business has nothing to hide.

At Quickfire, we know how quickly the marketing and advertising world can change, which is why we make a point of always staying on top of branding trends. This is especially important when it comes to sustainable branding, as it’s something that so many consumers are looking for. Sustainable branding could be what it takes to sway someone from being a potential customer to a paying customer. To find out more about who we are and what we do, get in touch with the Quickfire team.

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