What is a Shopify Plus Partner Manager?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that helps businesses showcase their products and services online. There are a lot of features on Shopify, and it’s a completely customisable way to build an ecommerce website. You can tailor your Shopify website to your business regardless of who you are and what you do. This includes choosing themes, branding, adding products and managing stock. However, this can be complex to anyone who isn’t familiar with ecommerce and anyone who hasn’t used Shopify before. 

This is where Shopify Plus Partners come in. A Shopify Plus Partner is there to help you with everything related to building and managing your Shopify store. Like Quickfire Digital, a Shopify Plus Partner can handle all aspects of building a presence on the Shopify platform. A Shopify Plus Partner Manager is the person or business that manages a group of these partners, helping them to manage multiple businesses and online stores.

Understanding Shopify Plus Partners

There are a lot of ecommerce experts out there, and it can be difficult to determine who has the expertise and experience needed to manage a business’s online presence. Shopify has made this a lot easier by creating Shopify Plus Partners. These are ecommerce experts who have been vetted and approved by Shopify, meaning that Shopify has given them the go-ahead as people with the knowledge required to work with Shopify Plus successfully. Shopify Plus Partners have been recognised as businesses, individuals or freelancers that can help merchants market, manage and improve their ecommerce presence using the Shopify platform.


Not everyone can become a Shopify Plus Partner, and it’s a program reserved for businesses that have demonstrated their abilities. Shopify looks at their performance, level of service and support abilities before accepting them as a partner. After all, Shopify wants its merchants to have access to the best partners available, so not all businesses that apply are approved.


Shopify Plus Partners are skilled in a wide range of ecommerce areas, from planning and designing an online store to helping businesses migrate to Shopify Plus. Shopify also has Shopify Partners, but Shopify Plus Partners have undergone a more in-depth and meticulous approval process. Simply, they know all there is to know about succeeding on Shopify, and they are there to help businesses to do.

What Does a Shopify Plus Partner Manager Do?

There are a lot of Shopify Plus Partners out there, and these need to be managed in some way. There is no knowing when a problem could arise, and even expert partners can need help building their businesses. This is a job that falls to a Shopify Plus Partner Manager. 


Shopify Plus Partner Managers are the main point of contact for Shopify Plus Partners, working alongside them as they grow their business. Even the most successful Shopify Plus Partners need help occasionally; this is where a Shopify Plus Partner Manager comes in. 


A lot of Shopify Plus Partners hope to take on more businesses and grow their client base, and a manager is someone who can help with that. It’s not easy to grow any business online, let alone one with a lot of competition. With so many Shopify Plus Partners trying to take on the same businesses and competing for the same clients, a manager can help them stand out and make a statement. 


Managers help Shopify Plus Partners to grow their business by answering questions, offering advice and giving recommendations on how to use the platform better. They provide partners with a high level of customer service, helping them with problems should they have any. They are the place to go should a partner have a question, and they are experts in helping partners become even more successful.


A lot goes into being a Shopify Plus Partner Manager, including development planning, marketing and educating partners. Managers must conduct research and keep on top of Shopify Plus trends. Recruiting, onboarding and training new partners is also a key part of the job. Once a Shopify Plus Partner is up and running, it’s the manager’s job to keep them on track and hitting targets. If their delivery standards drop, it’s the manager’s job to change this. 

Why Do Businesses Choose Shopify Plus?

There are several ecommerce platforms out there, but businesses continue to choose Shopify Plus time and time again. This is because there are a number of advantages to doing so for businesses of every size and type.


For example, Shopify Plus is easy to maintain and update. Whether you are adding new stock or changing the website’s content, Shopify Plus makes it extremely easy, even for those with little experience with the platform. Shopify Plus also streamlines the process of selling on multiple platforms simultaneously, which some ecommerce platforms cannot do. You can sell on Amazon, Facebook and Instagram from Shopify Plus itself. 


Many businesses choose Shopify Plus because of how easy it is to manage stock levels, and others choose it because of the high level of customer support. Simply, it’s a platform that makes ecommerce less daunting and complex. 

Professional Shopify Website Design and Development

At Quickfire Digital, we are on hand to help with website design and development. We understand the ins and outs of Shopify, and we can create websites that tick every box. Whether you are a brand new business or a company migrating to Shopify Plus, our team of experts will ensure that everything goes according to plan. We even customise all of our services to ensure that you get a package that ticks every box for your ecommerce business. 


To find out more about Shopify Plus Partners and Managers, or for help with launching an ecommerce website of your own, get in touch with the Quickfire Digital team. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts.

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