Why Quickfire?

Partnerships are at our core. It’s what we’re built on and what we truly believe creates shared success. It’s why we have built The Support 6 – our unique approach to the client-agency relationship. Many agencies talk of being your ‘partner’ but, practically, it doesn’t mean much. We’re different.

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Our Unique Philosophy

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The Ecommerce Audit

An assessment of your current position and future capabilities so that you will be able to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses so that you can confidently create a roadmap to growth.

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The Ecommerce Accelerator

As your growth partner, you can benefit from our on-going accelerator package, created to work to agreed objectives and against KPIs. Working to the incremental gains methodology you can scale at the pace that you want to.

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The Ecommerce Network

You will be introduced to a set of partners, each of them selected due to your needs at any given time. 

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The Ecommerce Club

The club is split into cohorts who share challenges and come up with solutions together. You will support each other and grow together, learning from others’ mistakes and avoid pitfalls you might not see coming.

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The Ecommerce Community

Members of your e-commerce team are invited to join the exclusive community of professionals who are enhancing their own knowledge through a range of content and learning resources. Encourage your people to learn from the best support available.

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The Ecommerce Academy

We work with partners to deliver bootcamp-style programs to provide a deep and wide level of knowledge across a range of e-commerce services so that you upskill your team with the right training at the time they need it most.

Our Team


Nathan Lomax


Martin Harper


Fred Cohen



Matt Parkes

Head of Development

Thomas Batchelor

Dev Ops & IT Operations

Dan Hall

Junior Developer

client services

Natalie Haydon

Account Director

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