The Quickfire
E-Commerce Bible

In the beginning there was the essential e-commerce planner. A physical book to sit next to your keyboard.

Never miss another important date, make sure all your campaigns stay on track and a place for you to write notes that you will actually read again and again.

Packed with sections for all the critical aspects of  e-commerce so you can plan all the way from your headline goals down to the last granular detail.

(P.S. It’s free!)


Are you a marketing or e-commerce professional who’s struggling to make headway in your planning for next year?

Are you worried you’ve forgotten something in your plans that your competition will have remembered?

Are you looking for a physical way of keeping on track with your activities, plans and strategies?

Well look no further than the very new, very free*
E-commerce Bible from Quickfire Digital.

In e-commerce everything we do tends to be digital, but every now and then pen and paper has no substitute! Especially when it comes to developing your plan of action, your ideas, and your world domination strategy! Which is why we’ve created an actual, IRL, physical notebook to help you meet your goals and reach your next years’ targets. 

Register to receive your free, physical copy in time for your new year planning sessions, to boost your productivity, collect your thoughts and otherwise smash your e-commerce strategy out of the park.

Use it to plan your work, track your goals, check your tactics, scrawl notes, cross out numbers and plant the seeds of that one, big game-changer of an idea!

With insight from leading, world-class Shopify apps such as Klarna, Klaviyo, ShipStation and more, this Bible will be your go to guide for e-commerce growth.

*The E-Commerce Bible is free to any digital marketing/e-commerce professionals while stocks last.

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