The Future of In-Store Shopping: How Shopify POS Is Transforming Retail

We live in a world that is dominated by e-commerce, with a growing number of people choosing to shop online. Rather than visiting brick-and-mortar shops, many shoppers are embracing the convenience and ease of online shopping. It’s easy to see why, and the popularity of online shopping won’t come as a surprise to anyone. Instead of sitting in traffic and traipsing around a shopping centre, online shopping can be done from the comfort of your sofa. In-store shopping requires planning and time out of your day, whereas online shopping can be done at any time and from anywhere. 


However, this has meant that a lot of brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling, finding themselves faced with the challenge of having to adapt to consumer preferences and new technologies. This is something that Shopify POS is combatting, by giving brick-and-mortar retailers a way to improve customer experiences and providing access to various omnichannel strategies. By giving in-person shops access to omnichannel strategies and improved customer experience opportunities, Shopify POS is helping physical shops remain competitive and relevant in the world of e-commerce.


How Shopify POS Encourages an Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Shopify POS is transforming retail in a big way, and, contrary to popular belief, not everything Shopify POS does is beneficial to e-commerce businesses. Instead of solely focusing on online retailers, Shopify POS is significantly changing the future of in-store shopping too and is doing so using different omnichannel strategies. 


  • Click and Collect Shopping – Shopify POS enables the use of Click and Collect shopping, allowing shoppers to place an order online, and then collect it in person at a later time or date. Customers can browse and buy products online, then visit a local brick-and-mortar store to collect their orders. This convenience blends the online and in-store shopping experiences, encouraging more foot traffic and sales, whilst also giving customers a way to shop from wherever they are. Shoppers can enjoy the ease of online shopping whilst still feeling as though they are shopping in person.


  • Flexible Return and Exchange Options – With Shopify POS, e-commerce shops can process returns and exchanges in physical stores for items they purchased online and vice versa. This convenience simplifies the return process for customers, as they can return and exchange items in a way that works for them. Previously, many shoppers were limited by having to return online orders via post, and in-person purchases back at the shop. With Shopify POS, returning and exchanging items can be mixed and matched.


  • Improved Inventory Management – Shopify POS gives brick-and-mortar retailers a way to manage their inventory across multiple channels, both in-person and online. By embracing this, retailers can ensure products are always available to customers, regardless of where they shop. Retailers can track inventory in real-time, prevent overstocking or understocking, and offer a consistent shopping experience to all customers. This reduces the chance of someone turning up in store, having been told that a product is in stock, only to be disappointed to find out it has already been snapped up by someone else. Without Shopify POS, inventory management can be time-consuming, and accuracy is not guaranteed.


  • Omnichannel Customer Data Use – There is no denying the importance of customer data. It provides retailers with information about who their customer is, their shopping habits and behaviour, and insight into the most effective marketing efforts. Shopify POS combines this data from various channels, allowing retailers to gain a complete overview of their target market. Without this omnichannel strategy, data tends to be limited to one place – for example, data taken from a website or a specific store or data that only considers the needs of mobile shoppers – and there is always a risk that this information doesn’t reflect the wider audience. This omnichannel customer data can be used to offer personalised shopping experiences and targeted marketing campaigns, both in-store and online, with all types of shoppers in mind.


  • Shipping Available in Store – With Shopify POS, customers can buy items in-store, and then have them shipped to them, further bridging the gap between in-person and e-commerce shopping. Using this strategy, brick-and-mortar retailers can process purchases made in person, but fulfil them from locations where the inventory is stored. They can then send everything directly to the customer. This benefits the business by allowing it to provide customers with a wider range of product options beyond what they can have on the shelves at any one time. Customers also benefit by being able to place orders in-store, even if those items aren’t physically present. 


Not only do these omnichannel strategies benefit a business and its retail processes, but they help to ensure a better customer experience. By being able to seamlessly transition from in-person shopping to online shopping, customers can enjoy a straightforward relationship with a brand in whichever way they choose to shop. Regardless of where they are shopping, they are guaranteed the same level of service, and this helps to boost brand loyalty. Instead of having one brand for in-person shopping and another for online shopping, customers can have a ‘go-to’ brand they return to time and time again.

Shopify POS Integration at Quickfire Digital

As you can see, Shopify POS is changing the e-commerce and in-person shopping landscape in a big way, and businesses need to act now. Otherwise, they run the risk of being left behind. At Quickfire Digital, we specialise in Shopify and Shopify Plus and can seamlessly integrate Shopify POS into your in-person and online presence. Regardless of the industry that you work in, we have the experience and knowledge needed to get Shopify POS up and running.


To find out more about Shopify POS and the importance of having an effective e-commerce presence, get in touch with our knowledgeable team.


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