How to grow your business with Shop Cash Rewards

Shopify has always been a great platform for ecommerce businesses, with many of its features aimed at helping merchants to succeed. They consistently revise their packages and benefits and champion small businesses. If you’re looking for an ecommerce platform to help your business grow, Shopify is one of the best. With their latest offerings, including Shop Cash, you can offer your customers much more than competitors.

What is Shop Cash?

Shop Cash is another new feature being rolled out to some Shopify merchants using the Shop app. Shop Cash is a rewards programme that can be used for purchases in the Shop app alone. Currently, it is in a beta stage with merchants able to apply for early access.

Once access is granted, Shop Cash will automatically be added as a payment method option in the Shop app. According to Shopify, merchants have no additional cost, which will be a big draw for many. However, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to opt-out of accepting Shop Cash, which has no monetary value outside the Shop app.

Why use Shop Cash?

Shopify’s website says, “Shop Pay is the checkout that keeps on giving.” Shop Cash boasts rewarding buyers with them being able to earn 1% in Shop Cash on all eligible Shop Pay purchases and then redeem these rewards in the Shop app. This is sure to be a great selling point for customers as they’ll be rewarded each time they make eligible purchases.

The benefits for ecommerce merchants come from Shop Cash Boosts which help with the better discovery of your brand. Shop Cash Boosts benefits you by promoting your brand to new buyers on the Shop app and helping convert first-time sales quicker. You also only pay for successful acquisitions rather than clicks.

What is Shop Pay?

Shop Pay is a digital wallet that helps you check out faster by automatically filling in your saved email, payment and shipping details. All your information is held securely. You can save up to five shipping addresses and five credit cards with Shop Pay. Your mobile phone number is used only for SMS verification of your account.

How to apply for early access to Shop Cash

To apply for early access to Shop Cash, you simply need to complete a Google form to join the waiting list. This will ask you a range of questions, including:

  • Your Legal business name
  • Your Shopify store’s URL
  • If your brand currently participates in paid customer acquisition channels?
  • If you accept a financial commitment between $5K—$10K for one month
  • What your acquisition budget is per customer

Once you have filled out the information, you’ll be asked to check an information box which asks you to agree to terms and conditions before you wait to be accepted.

How can Shopify grow my business?

Shop Cash isn’t the only feature Shopify has been introducing to help businesses grow. The ecommerce giant has recently rolled out the general availability of Shopify Audiences. This great new feature allows Shopify Plus merchants to connect with high intent buyers from data gathered collectively from social media platforms and other merchants with similar products and/or customers.

Shopify is constantly staying up-to-date with the latest technological advances to help make their client’s websites the best they can be. The platform is affordable, easy to use and convenient for merchants, especially if you’re moving away from outgrown platforms such as eBay or Etsy.

Here’s why we love Shopify as an ecommerce platform:

No tech worries

You don’t need any technical expertise to run a Shopify store; all hosting and software are provided, and hosting are super fast and secure. Shopify takes care of all software updates, meaning your store is running at its best at all times.

Top-notch security

The nature of running an ecommerce store means you’ll be dealing with sensitive customer information such as credit card details. This means you need your site to be secure. Shopify takes care of PCI compliance when dealing with credit cards, and all data can be encrypted with SSL certificates which you can easily enable in your store.

Mobile ready

Visits from mobile are now much higher than desktop, therefore, it’s essential that you have a fully mobile optimised site. All of Shopify’s themes are mobile responsive as well as a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart which means that your store will look fantastic on any device, and customers can shop wherever they are.

There are even mobile apps available that allow you to manage your store from anywhere, at any time.

A multitude of apps

Shopify’s app store is full of functionality apps you can use on your store. From reviews, wish lists, label printing, loyalty programs, marketing apps, and in-depth analytics, not to mention integrated accounting software, there are over 1500 apps to choose from, so whatever you’d like to see on your website, it’s likely there’s an app to enable you to achieve it.

SEO and marketing tools

Shopify’s powerful SEO features will help your ecommerce site rank higher in search engine results, giving you a much better chance of being discovered when a potential customer is looking for a product. Although you may wish to hire an SEO specialist to help you make the most of these features, you can easily view analytics that tells you where customers are coming from and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.


At Quickfire, we love to see our customers’ businesses thrive, and Shopify helps them achieve their goals seamlessly. If you’d like more information on how Shopify could benefit your commerce business, get in touch.

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